What is a PlayBox?

A bridge between high-fidelity audio and sharp style

Create a whole home audio system that sounds incredible and also looks amazing

The PlayBox is an in-wall enclosure specifically designed for your Sonos Play:1 and One. The PlayBox preserves that warm, full textured sound that Sonos speakers are known for while allowing for a custom architectural look.

It’s a common situation: that rich sounding Sonos Play:1 and One just has no perfect place to live. You place it on a table, credenza, or randomly on a counter but it gets knocked around, accidentally unplugged… and that messy cord!

Enter the PlayBox by thenos – it’s like having your cake while eating more delicious cake.

PlayBox Overview

The PlayBox by thenos – wall-box for the Sonos Play:1 & One

Invented by installers

Created by installers, every aspect of the PlayBox was designed with custom installation in mind.

Showcase it, don’t cover it

Taking inspiration from a diamond in a jewelry box the PlayBox is designed to neatly nest and showcase the Sonos Play:1 and One.

Color options

Available in two colors: arctic white or stealth black to match the Play:1 and One

Customize away

The faceplate to the PlayBox is easily custom painted or even vinyl wrapped to allow for a designer touch

Power options

An integrated recessed outlet is designed into the PlayBox and provides hidden power for the Play:1 and One, a power relocation kit is also available

Hide those cords

A smart cable management system takes the standard Play:1 and One cable and neatly conceals it away while still meeting code requirements

playbox black white

Sleek, hidden and elegant

No visible cords, no tampering and thus no problems

Sometimes package design can be as beautiful (and useful) as the product itself; think a Vintage Cabernet inside its original crate. A Swiss Watch resting in a custom case. A shiny pearl inside an oyster…

The PlayBox was designed to take the incredible Play:1 and One by Sonos and place it where a speaker is best suited – in the wall. The minimalist design of the PlayBox elegantly provides the ideal location for one or multiple speakers.

Now the rich, warm sound that is found within the Play:1 and One can be beautifully integrated into any environment.

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